In a land blessed by glorious sunshine, a couple planted a small tree just outside of their home. Over time and with copious amounts of love and care from the couple, the tree began to grow. The branches became adorned with lush green leaves while delicate buds nudged their way through, searching for sunlight. When the warmest days arrived, the buds opened, revealing the most beautiful, dainty roses that anyone had ever seen.

The air surrounding the couple’s house was filled with the roses’ sweet scent, which captivated the attention of passers-by. Everyone gazed in wonder at the beauty of these magnificent flowers and walked away with joy in their hearts. The couple’s young son noticed how happy the rose tree made the people and he could not ignore the power of the roses. It seemed to him that in order to inspire happiness in others, you should present them with roses as beautiful as the ones from his parents’ tree.

As the boy grew older, his appreciation for the roses bloomed. In time, he fell in love with a girl. Desperate to show how much she meant to him, he surrounded her with the brightest, freshest roses. The girl could not contain her happiness and agreed to take the boy’s hand in marriage. Their love blossomed as did their adoration of the delightful little flowers that had left an aromatic trail throughout their story…

Bisiso sprouted from a love of the beauty of roses and the positive emotions they evoke. Roses symbolise love and friendship and their scent is thought to have restorative powers. They embody happiness and are a perfect way to express love and appreciation.

We wanted our preserved roses to bring long-lasting joy. Bisiso only deal with the highest quality preserved roses that are guaranteed to last for a year or more. Each rose is carefully inspected to ensure that every flower meets our high standards before we place it in the bouquet.

To help enhance the preserved roses’ splendid beauty, we also provide bespoke, unique vases to further boost your wonderful, thoughtful gift.

We believe that life is beautiful, and these roses are evidence of its beauty.

There is no better way to share your love or friendship than with Bisiso Roses.

Bisiso Roses is headquartered in Washington DC. We deliver our products across the USA and offer local delivery in Arlington, Mclean, Vienna, Washington DC, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Alexandria, Ashburn, Leesburg, Reston and other cities across DC, VA and MD.